and his wife and son

A Muslim ‘St Claus’

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If you look at the photo I attached in this post, you will recognise where I will lead you to continue my story. It was me and my family: my wife and my son when we lived temporarily in Albury, NSW, Australia, in facing Christmas session in 2007. With…


‘Cartoon’ yourself to make the different of you

I found myself looked different in ‘cartoon’ or ‘caricature’ mode or appearance. Yes. I just installed a new program so-called momant camera. And it is good. Handy and so easy to use. Just take of your close up photo – using your front camera in your mobile and edit it. You can choose your design…


Me – son’s time

On Sunday (24/11/2013), only with Ghia, my only son – 7 years old, I wandering around Jakarta – Bogor. We visited Ghia’s grandma in Pejaten, South Jakarta. Grandma and Ghia looked so happy because they did not each other for so long.Ghia was also happy because we went there by train. Went home in the…