Bulukumba trip

It was on the fifth August 2016, we, me and some of my colleagues went to Bulukumba to attend the wedding ceremony of our colleague: the son of Ms. Misbawati A. Wawo – Head of Bulukumba district Forestry and Estate service office.

We went to Bulukumba early in the morning and back in the afternoon. Within around five hours traveling, we enjoyed ourselves by enjoying lamang (traditional food – made from sticky rice, covered by banana leave and cooked inside the bamboo) that is eaten with boiled salted duck egg – it is so yummy though.

Of course, along the way back home we stopped by at Marina beach – a new tourist destination area in Bantaeng. It is so beautiful indeed.

The video clip compilation of our photos during the trip can be watched in youtobe (the link is attached below).

Please enjoy, thank you.




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