Jesus on the hill in Tana Toraja

Jesus Makale Tana Toraja
Jesus Makale Tana Toraja (photo was taken from Makale city

Hi there, have you been there? Visiting Jesus on the hill. It is the second greatest Jesus statue in the world – with its height is 40 metres.It is the Jesus statue or the Jesus God statue. It stands on the top of Buntu Burake hill in Tana Toraja district (Tator), South Sulawesi province. The top of the hill is approximately around 1.100 metres above sea level.

The greatest Jesus statue is the statue in Poland with the height is approximately 52,5 metres.

Jesus statue in Tator  was built started in 2013. It was developed piece by piece in Yogyakarta. This Jesus bronze statue official announcement was held on August 2015.

For Tana Toraja, this statue will be an alternative for tourist destination – as a religious tourist destination as this district has abundance of culture and nature tourist destinations.

In advance, this statue will become an icon for Tator. This statue is located only around 5 kilometres from the city of Makale (capital city of Tator district).  So, if you have an agenda to visit Tator or only passing by, don’t forget to put visiting the statue of Jesus as one of your itinerary.

It easy to get there as well. From Makassar, Makale can be reached by around 8 – 9 hours driving. There are so many buses as well from Makassar to Makale. In Makale, you can hire a care or motorcycle to visit Jesus statue, unfortunately there is no public transportation yet available.

Some of photos of the statue and the scenery of Makale city from the hill are presented below. Please enjoy and don’t forget, please visit this new tourist destination.

June, 2016,


(All photos are taken from my private collection)



Jesus Makale Tana Toraja
Jesus Makale Tana Toraja

Above photo was taken when I visited the statue in 2015. Below are the photos of how beautiful Makale city view from the top of Buntu Burake hill.

Jesus Makale Tana Toraja
Makale city


    1. Ah yes, the view is so awesome up there, seeing Makale city from the top of the hill is superb. But the access road was under construction still at that time and I haven’t been there again – even I want to. will try to find another time to revisit there. Will visit your blog afterwards thanks 😉

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