Ramayana ballet in Yogyakarta

….. Hanoman (King of Monkey) fetches Queen Sinta who is very happy to meet her beloved husband, however Rama rejects her for he suspects about his wife’s purity and he asks Sinta to have a holy bath by jumping into the burning fire (Java: Sinta Obong). Sinta calmly jumps into the holy fire since in her mind she feels that she is totally pure, but Brahma, the God of fire comes down from heaven and puts the fire out. He tells Rama that Sinta is really pure …..

Aforementioned paragraph was taken from a famous legend: Ramayana. A beautiful love story of Rama and Sinta.

A few time ago, I was lucky to be able to see a beautiful Ramayana ballet in Purawisata, a place in Yogyakarta, in Brigjend Katamso Street. It is a combination of restaurant and a Ramayana ballet venue.

The venue is scheduled to be performed daily from 8 – 10 pm. With a charge of 350,000 rupiahs per person, including a luxury buffet dinner – a combination between traditional Java and Europe culinary, it is a fair price. While having dinner, all guests are shown by a live traditional Java music including a traditional Java Kingdom dance. It is so beautiful. 

Ramayana ballet, actually, is a routine performance of Prambanan temple, once a month – under a full moon night.

However, watching Ramayana ballet not in an original place (Prambanan temple) gives a nice impression as well.

Below are some photos of the venue – from my private documentation.

(posted too in Kompasiana)


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