Kingdoms’ parade

Living in a non-monarchy country, sometime, emerging the curiosity about how to live under monarchy system. Is it better or worse?

Regardless of my curiosity, it was held the World Royal Heritage by the Jakarta Government on Sunday, 8th December 2013. One of the events was the Kingdoms’ parade from around the world. There were around 156 participants from Indonesian Kingdoms (in Bahasa: Kerajaan, Keraton, Kasultanan, Kepatihan, etc) and 10 Kingdoms from neighbour countries.  Not to comparing the monarchy and non-monarchy system and stimulating to back to monarchy system as the past time as well, but the venue successfully attracted thousands of visitors to come and see the parade, including me of course.

More or less, they were as curious as I was. And if I am not mistaken, this venue was the first venue held in Jakarta (or even in around the world?).

The parade was leaded by the Jakarta Governor and Vice Governor, Jokowi and Ahok who were wearing a glamorous Jayakarta Kingdom dress, dominated by red combined with a nice black colour. They sat comfortably on a two horses – Luxury Royal Horse Carriage.

People were excited, especially when they saw Jokowi and Ahok, some started to yell,”Jokowi for president, Ahok for vice president” repeatedly. Jokowi and Ahok just smiled at them nicely. No wonder how popular they are recently, especially facing the political year 2014 (Presidential election).

The parade was interested indeed. So colourful and enriched by not only horse carriages, the parade was fully also with traditional dancing and glorious royal dress.

The shortcoming of the venue was only in lack of information (such as banner on each carriage) of who was passing the audiences, from which Kingdom or provinces or countries. We needed to ask directly to the participants. Another one was the audience’s placement settings.  It was not too well organised.

Beyond that, two thumbs up for the organiser and the venue.

Some of the photos are presented below. Enjoy!



  1. I saw this parade too… It was on sunday cars free day when we were jogging near Sudirman Street. I remember, we were joined in one of procession – which brought the procession of Reog Ponorogo. That was the first time I saw Reog Ponorogo directly 😀

    1. That’s good Wee, I enjoyed the parade very much, as you were. You’re right that it was on Sunday and there was Reog Ponorogo performance too (and many other beautiful dances of course), but are you sure it was on cars free day? because the parade started at about 3 pm in the afternoon. Is car free day last till afternoon? Anyway, thanks for commenting and I am happy if you can enjoy the post. Thanks Wee 😉

  2. Did it start in the afternoon? I remember, at around 9 am we saw this parade. so that’s why I said on cars free day.
    we just saw that suddenly there were so many people.. I saw Leak too there but unfortunately we didn’t saw Jokowi Ahok 😦

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