‘Cartoon’ yourself to make the different of you

I found myself looked different in ‘cartoon’ or ‘caricature’ mode or appearance. Yes. I just installed a new program so-called momant camera. And it is good. Handy and so easy to use. Just take of your close up photo – using your front camera in your mobile and edit it.

You can choose your design in several categories, i.e.: Jurassic, culture, fun, single, halloween, etc. Edit your face, hair style, eyebrow, glasses, mustache and also you are able to name your photo (put a handwriting on your photo).

The last, you also can formatting your photo afterwards in to b/w, original, paper style. So easy, you don’t have to draw by yourself.

Since I downloaded the program I uploaded in facebook, Blackberry profile, we chat, twitter, I have been requested by friends, who are not able to download the program in their mobile phone, to create their cartoon.

I was delighted to do that of course.

Below I share some cartoon photos of mine:




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