Me – son’s time

On Sunday (24/11/2013), only with Ghia, my only son – 7 years old, I wandering around Jakarta – Bogor.
We visited Ghia’s grandma in Pejaten, South Jakarta. Grandma and Ghia looked so happy because they did not each other for so long.Ghia was also happy because we went there by train.

Went home in the afternoon because needed to Ghia took a nap. We went back to Bogor by bus – Agra Mas – and again, Ghia was so happy because he said to me that he prefered to go to Jakarta and back to Bogor by bus. Ok, Ghia … you’re the boss.

I promised him to bring him up to fun city – at Botany Square – before we went home. But because it was to late and Ghia needed to prepare for school for tomorrow, I persuaded him to cancel to go to fun city and just having for dinner but at his favourite place to eat: KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken. He a bit doubt to agree with my suggestion because he still wanted to go to fun city but also he had been so long not having KFC for his dinner (we try not to make him used to eat ‘junk food’, you know …. but only in certain occasions).

Finally he agreed with and we went to KFC at Tugu Kujang, Bogor.

Fortunately, there was a live music sponsorred by Telkomsel. Ghia loves to hear music while eating. He enjoyed his dinner very much.

My most wonderful time is while looking at he enjoy his happiness and he got it that night.

Here is some photos of him:




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