Seren taun Festival, the community gratitude expression to God

Jaipong dancer

SerenTaun is an annual festival held by Sundanese community in Kampung Sindang Barang, Bogor District, West Java Province, Indonesia. It was held in 15th January 2012. The meaning of Seren Taun is the community gratitude expression to God for what they have been receiving for their livelihood from paddy, agriculture, and their enterprise. The original meaning of Seren Taun was to put harvested paddies to paddy granaries. However, in the mean time, not only paddy to be brought to the festival and it was added by cultural exhibition and performances.

It was interesting. I met Lisbet on the venue. She is from Denmark and she was awarded – Batik Scarf with Special Sindang Barang design from the community elderly due to community appreciation onto her valuable contribution to provide continous support to Kampung Sindang Barang Community and also to promote the Sundanese culture especially within her community. She said that she loves Indonesia especially Sundanese culture and did want to stop her effort to support the Kampung Sindang Barang Community. She founded the Indonesia Heritage Society in Denmark and she spoke Bahasa Indonesia (almost) fluently. Bravo Lis.

Below are photos that you can enjoy with:





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