Situ Gede – a small lake in Bogor

Situ Gede3

Situ Gede (Gede Lake) is located in Bogor Barat sub district.

Situ Gede (Situ means a small lake and Gede means big in Sunda language) was well known as well as Hutan Dramaga (Dramaga forest/research forest – government forest, manage by FORDA, Indonesian Ministry of Forestry Indonesia).

I and family had a chance to visit Situ Gede in December 2011.

It is a nice place to visit, especially in holiday season.

However,  despite the famous, the beauty and the favorite place for visit, I found some minus points such as: less information to reach the destination, less information on the location (i.e. information to explain what Situ Gede is, the history of Situ Gede, the size of the lake, tree species surround the lake, etc), less garbage bin and the presence of small warungs (parlours) for visitors inside forest – make it a bit ‘dirty’.

Below are some photos of Situ Gede:




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